Review: Hotel Ranga, Iceland – A Hotel with a Soul

South Iceland is one of the busiest areas in Iceland. It is filled with natural wonders – the visible rift between North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates, innumerable waterfalls that takes the breath away, mossy lava fields, basalt lava columns and much more! Set in such a beautiful location in South Iceland is Hotel Rangá, a luxury boutique hotel.

Right from the entrance, the hotel façade, lobby, and even the rooms are entirely made of wood. The wood is pine sourced from Canada, as Iceland has very less trees. The reception lobby has real scale structures of a polar bear and an Arctic fox with real skins. Hang your coat and relax with some hot chocolate or mock tails at the lounge just across the reception.



Every room is tastefully decorated and some have themes too. The materials in every theme room is often sourced from various parts of the world. The team at Hotel Rangá, strive to achieve perfection in every aspect of the room. Like the pebbles in the beautiful bath tub in the Icelandic theme suite we stayed in was sourced from Black sand beach in Vik.

A gorgeous bath tub bang in the middle of room!




The bed in our Icelandic theme suite was comfortable had a huge rug made of Icelandic wool and was woven in shape of a huge sweater! Look at it in the pictures below. Lovely red roses filled the room with its scent. And sun pierced through the huge windows. A calm river branched out into streams while cows and horse grazed just outside our room. Waking up to these scenes made feel like staying in Hotel Rangá forever!


The bath fittings are classy and modern. This was definitely one of the best showering experiences I’ve had in a long time!


There was a free cell phone provided to us which we could use to make any calls – local and international. The best part of the room was the huge rotating sofa. Just with a click of the switch, the entire setting of the sofa would turn around and faced the large window which opened up into the river.


Restaurant and dining experience

The dining experience was one of the sumptuous we had in our entire journey in Iceland. Every dish was made with great care and tasted fresh and delicious. For the dinner, we had a delectable 3 course meal – famous Icelandic fish and chips and some reindeer meat for starters, Arctic char and some prawns for the main course and some handmade strawberry ice cream for desserts!




Reindeer meat!



If that was our dinner, we had an even elaborate breakfast with items ranging from omelettes to pancakes, yogurts to fresh juices and many kinds of fresh bread. I had breakfast to my heart’s content!




Aurora Alerts

Another unique feature of Hotel Rangá is sometimes, they call you in the middle of the night and wake you up. Trust me, you won’t complain for this one! Because, you would have said yes when the person in the reception asks if you want to be alerted if the Aurora aka the Northern Lights shows up! How cool is that?

We had said a big ‘YES’ when asked for it, but I was a little low as the Aurora forecast was a little weak for that day. But we were so lucky to be woken up at 1 AM and yes! We did spot the Northern lights! Yay!!



The reason why I wrote in the headline about Rangá being a hotel with a soul is that, everyone – right from the house keeping staff to the operations manager, everyone is ever smiling and ready to help the guests. Ingi Þór Jakobsson, the Operations Manager in Hotel Rangá is one of the finest hotelier I’ve met till date. He speaks so passionately about the hotel and it shows up in the way the hotel is managed. His knowledge about Iceland is above par. He and his associates always so welcoming and ever ready to assist guests with their questions on Iceland and they patiently answer all of them.


Parting words

If you ever happen to visit South Iceland, then do not miss staying in Hotel Rangá. It is an experience by itself! Will will love every bit of Hotel Rangá like we did, the rooms, the décor, the food, the ambience, the views from the window, the hospitality – everything!





A short video of the tour of our Icelandic theme suite in Hotel Ranga. Don’t miss the part where the entire floor rotates with the furniture!

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Have you been to Hotel Rangá? What were your experiences? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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We were guests to the kind people at Hotel Ranga. Opinions as always are our own.