90 stunning photos that will put Iceland in your bucket list!

If you were to see how Earth was probably a million years ago, then, you must visit Iceland. But, as the name says, Iceland is definitely not all Ice. Though the entire country is covered in a blanket of ice in winter; in the summer and autumn, Iceland is full of colours. The lush green of the grass meadows, the seven colors that bejewel a rainbow which we met at least one per day on our journey in Iceland, the dark brown of the rugged mountains, the icy blue of the glaciers – we saw it all! Let me share 90 pictures from our trip, which might put Iceland on your bucket list. If Iceland is already in your bucket list, then at the end of this post, you might be urged to book the flights and pack your bags!

There is Fire







There is Ice







There are waterfalls in every mile that make you smile


















We chased some mighty clouds



And some pretty sunsets








Saw the Lady Aurora dance for us as ‘Northern lights’



Walked on the Black sand beach


Sat on the Basalt lava columns


Collected pebbles on a pebble beach


Lost heart to these laced curtains at almost every Icelandic home


And the capital city is so photogenic

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Posed on some pretty bridges


And stared at some


There are churches that are Black

and some Blue!


Some meetings are held in the middle of the road

While some at offsite



Where roads seem to surprise at every turn








And spotted landscapes that made us go Aww!












Saw the playful Humpback and Minke Whales


Relived Game of Thrones

Jon and Yigrette’s love nest


Wildling camp


Arrow head mountain behind the Wall where children of forest and white walkers live


Where Beasts mean these..

Check how there is a small chair to get inside the car!


And here, the sea doesn’t seem to end




And staring at caves was our best past time

Sister dearest admiring the caves


And searched for my reflection in the mirror lake


And these creatures couldn’t figure out why humans are so fond of them in many ways!


While volcanic craters gave that Eureka moment


We stayed in cute mountain cabins


And roadside views be like








And piers be like


My favourite pic

I shall lay out our day wise Iceland Itinerary in a few weeks to come. But before that, I shall publish a photo log of the wonderful time we had in Sweden. Keep an eye on my blog and subscribe for updates through newsletter or follow us on social media in the links given below.

I’m sure by now, you would have been convinced to put Iceland in your bucket list! So, when are you booking your tickets? Or have you already? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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