Mauritius Honeymoon

Ile Aux Cerf, Mauritius. A heaven for water sports!

Honeymoon in abode – Mauritius

Frankly speaking, who would want to go on a honeymoon, seeing zillion places, walking all day or hopping on and off the tourist bus and come back dead tired to the hotel room and crash on the bed to catch some sweet sleep? I guess none – or maybe there are a few, but definitely, that was not our cup of tea. Our idea of a honeymoon was something that is utterly simple, terrifically beautiful, magically comforting and desolate enough for us to unwind and share things that would form a foundation for our relationship for the years to come.

That said, we were spoilt for choice as there are myriad destinations of such sort. After a couple of digs into Google and numerous digs into bank statements, we were torn between Maldives and Mauritius. A decision had to be made and I was left to make a final choice between these two gorgeous places. I went by the instinct and chose Mauritius for a simple reason – I had seen a postcard picture of Mauritius when I was young and had fallen heads over heels for it. Moreover, we got exactly what we were looking for – a relaxed itinerary that is a mix of rest days and some day trips to explore this mystical island!

What’s and where’s of Mauritius?

Mauritius is a relatively small island tucked away in a corner of Indian Ocean. What to look out for in Mauritius – pristine turquoise beaches, sun kissed azure waters, riveting water activities, sweet smell of sugarcane fields dotting the roads, incredible hospitality and to top that up, people of Mauritius are one of the most friendly folks in the world and not to forget the pot hole free roads where drives can be so tranquil and intriguing.

Mauritius Honeymoon

Our home, away from home!

Luxury resorts are aplenty in this country whose main occupation is tourism which comes next only to the production of world’s finest sugar – after all, 85% of its arable land is filled with sugarcane crops. So, how much time does one need to decently explore Mauritius? One week in hand must be a decent time to indulge in the activities Mauritius has in store for you, but one can’t get over the love, serendipity and warmth of Mauritius in just a week, you might want to come back for more!

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What to expect from Mauritius:

  • Rainbows – Yes, rainbows! We are definitely sure about the fact the fact that you will spot a rainbow or two while you are in Mauritius. We best one we spotted was a semi-circle, double layered rainbow. I was so engrossed in seeing the beauty that I forgot to click a decent pic!
  • Tranquil beaches – Beaches that put you to comfort with your thoughts and provide an astounding ambience for a cosy chitchat and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
  • Luxury resorts – These are the heart and soul of Mauritius, the warm hospitality and the romantic setting is why people come back over and over again to this tropical paradise.
  • Friendly people – For a country whose main occupation is tourism, would not have got this fame if it were not the people of Mauritius, for who they are. Behind the plush resorts and swanky beaches, one should not overlook the quaint villages with warm people who work behind the scenes to make Mauritius a hospitable place. They are extremely welcoming and approachable and starting a conversation with them is as easy as lighting up a match. A quick dialogue shows how rooted they are and that reflects the culture they grew up in.
  • Water sports – Mauritius is a heaven for water sports and you will be spoilt for choice if you are a beach bunny. Parasailing, Kayaking, Sea Diving, Under water sea walks, Submarine ride, Catamaran cruise, Speed boats, Dolphin spotting, Water ski are some of the activities to keep your adrenaline pumping!
  • Local markets – You can indulge in some market shopping where locals shop, just to get the flavour of locally made Mauritius products than going for the brands which you will anyways get in your metropolitan city.
Mauritius Honeymoon

Look at those colors!


0th Anniversary!

At one point, I was contemplating whether to name this post as ‘Honeymoon’ or as ‘0th Anniversary’ and chose the latter just to be quirky! A long pending dream came true with a trip to Mauritius and it pulls us back in time whenever we think of it and will definitely be back again one day. We had a memorable, lovely, exhilarating and a blissful honeymoon in this paradise. Some prized possessions we took back home – the reminiscences of long walks along the beach, talking our hearts through on the rocks of Ile Aux Cerf, relishing the splash of water in the speed Jet ride, watch magical sunset and mystic moon rise both happen simultaneously over the horizon, fairy-tale rainbows, shopping like locals in the markets, the sugarcane fields that gave us company throughout the island and this adorable little souvenir that sits comfortably in our Punto’s dashboard!

Mauritius Honeymoon souvenir

Souvenir from our Mauritius Honeymoon that still sits on our car dashboard!

Watch Out this space for ideal Mauritius Itinerary and more exciting Mauritius excerpts.

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