4 Road trip Ideas from Milan, Italy

Milan maybe known as the fashion capital of the world, but art and history take a share in Milan’s fame too. Being the second most populated city(First being Rome) and also the busiest in Italy, Milan has carved out a special place in travelers hearts. Milan is a shopper’s paradise, an art lover’s haven, a historian’s darling, football lovers’ crush and an architects’ dream! Milano di Duomo, Sforza Castle, San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Sant’Angelo and Pinacoteca di Brera might be some of famous sights to see in Milan, but there are some great day trips to do with Milan as a base city. Let me list out 4 best day trips from Milan for you. So, let’s get rolling!

4 best day trips from Milan


Every Ferarri lover knows this place and would want to visit the ‘Land of Ferraris’ atleast once in a lifetime! Maranello hosts the historic ‘Museo Ferrari’  that is home to some iconic Ferraris including the contemporary ones like FXX K – 2014, classic ones like 166 F2 – 1948 and the evergreen Ferrari 125 S 1947. There are real cars, prototypes, a souvenir shop and even a Ferrari themed restaurant. A short drive from Maranello is Modena, which hosts another Ferrari museum.

Roads in Maranello are filled with colourful Ferraris – Blue, Yellow and the fiery Red! One can even get to drive in those beauties for a short while as there are some agencies who let you drive Ferraris by the hour.

Check some exciting tours to Maranello here:

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From Milan: Full-Day Food & Ferrari Tour

Lake Como

Pretty towns in the foothills of mighty mountains overlooking a gorgeous lake – isn’t that a scene from a fairy tale? Well, that’s Lake Como for you! The main town Como, with a bunch of other villages form this beautiful trail where one can get lost to the magnificence of nature! Milan to Como is an easy one hour drive amidst the lovely locales of Italy 🙂

Luxury resorts and quaint homes make this a hot selling tourist destination and trust me – the crowd doesn’t deter from enjoying its beauty!

Here are some romantic tours for a lovely destination:

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VIP Helitour Experience over Lago Como from Milan

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Como with Private Cooking Class

Tirano and onto Bernina express, Switzerland

Day trips to nearby cities/towns is fine. But how about a day trip to the neighbouring country? Yes, Switzerland is just a couple of hours away from Milan if we travel by train. We did a circuit where we left Milan early in the morning, took a train to Tirano, as that was the start point of a scenic and epic train ride from Italy to Switzerland in the iconic Bernina Express.

We travelled from Tirano to St. Moritz, strolled around for a few hours before catching the Bernina express train back to Tirano. As they say, ‘Journey is the destination’ and Bernina express totally lives upto the quote. Let some pictures do the talking.


Some beautiful tours to Bernina Express:

Bernina Express & St.Moritz Day Tour from Milan

Lake Como, St. Moritz and Bernina Express

From Milan: Bernina Express Train & St. Moritz Full–Day Tour


Who hasn’t heard about the leaning tower of Pisa? It has been leaning over centuries thus attracting eyeballs from tourists all over the world. Travel to Italy and not visit this iconic place? Not possible, Pisa had to be done!

We drove our rental car from Milan to Pisa in Italian autostrada and were thrilled with the terrain and the splendour of Tuscany. Even the highways were beautiful with lush greenery all around. We frequented vibrant vineyards and sprawling flower gardens. Read here to know where all we drove in Italy.

Pisa day tours from Milan:

Genova & Portofino Full-Day Tour from Milan

I was tempted to include Florence and Cinque Terre in this article but those deserve more than a day. And if you plan to visit Florence, add Siena to your itinerary too!

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Hope you got some good ideas to spend a few days in Milan and do day trips that are worthwhile!

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