The best birthday gift I ever gave my husband!

What could be inside??


….‘Why?’ He asked shyly and smiled. He could not stop smiling the whole day and even for this day, he smiles (at least from within) whenever he sees the gift I gave him on his 32nd birthday (Yes, he’s getting old! ;))


No, it was neither an expensive watch nor his favourite car (I’m still not that rich!). This year, the birthday gift I presented Neetan was something closer to my heart, a rendition of my conscience, voice of my soul and emphasis of my emotions. Well, now how does something closer to my heart be his birthday gift?? Well, that’s how the gift can be best described as!


Remembering the first birthday we celebrated together


5 years back, on 27th of January, though we were not total strangers, we were engaged to be married and it was his first birthday with me. It was special for both of us and the celebration was simple yet memorable. Five years down the line, I wanted to recreate the same scene but with subtle differences, which reflect the changes that have embraced our lives and to echo the maturity we have achieved over these five years of togetherness.

These are some subtle differences that we talked about on that day, on which I want to brood over now.  It was on Nandi Hills then, now it was Avalabetta. There was a cake and a candle then, now it was his favourite Kesaribath. It just both of us then, now we have the little one tugging along. There was a lot of ‘ILU’ then, now there are just SMILES. There used to be Thank you and Sorry, now there are just STARES. Back then, we were just getting to know each other, this time around, we’ve known every page in each other’s lives, there was no need to impress or convince – for we have accepted each other’s shallows and celebrated the commendable.


The Best Birthday Gift I Ever Gave My Husband:


The unveiling of the gift was special too and I couldn’t be happier as I could emulate exactly what I had in my mind!

On top of Avalabetta peak, with almost no one around, just the three of us, with ‘Tum hi ho’ playing in the background, I role up my jacket sleeve to unveil Neetan’s birthday gift 🙂

He was startled!

‘Why?’ he asked shyly and smiled. I did not have any answer, I just smiled back! He could not hold back his smiles the whole day. Clearly, he was awestruck yet happy – he didn’t see that coming even in his wildest of dreams!

So, what was the gift??


I decided to get…


Yes, I decided to get his name INKED!! Though this was on my mind from a long time, I was waiting for the right time and that time had come!

The best birthday gift I ever gave my husband

That little ‘A’ between the 2 hearts is me 🙂

Well, if you ask me why I chose this, my simple answer would be ‘To articulate my emotions! ’. Yes, it’s not an easy thing to decide, a minicomputer does its job in back of the mind before taking any bold decision, and this choice was not spared too! After understanding and fixing bugs in my mental algorithm, I took a plunge and got my first tattoo inked, for a special occasion, for an even more special person.

I’ve reached a point in life, where I want to experience everything, let go of my fears and face my weaknesses. So, this was more of a test to me, where I think, I’ve passed with flying colours. Its only until we’ve experienced, shall we know how it is. The same holds good for this scenario too. I faced my fear of needles and I’m glad I took that step!


The Secret


You heard it right! The Secret. If my plan had to be accomplished, I possibly could not sneak out on his birthday and get a tattoo done, mainly, for two reasons : one – he had applied leave for that day and I can’t just vanish and had to be with him the whole day, two – If I did so, he would definitely feel there is something fishy and my plan would be fuddled. Unfortunately for me, the previous day was a Republic Day and he would be at home on that day too! So, I had to get inked two days before and hide it from everyone around !!

Hiding the tattoo for two whole days was a Herculean task, that too with the little one around – he would screech at a small possible indifferent thing! Thankfully, the weather gods were with me, and Bangalore had got a sudden cold wave for a week or so at that time, and I was wearing my cardigans or jackets all the time, so nobody doubted me an inch!


My Apprentice


I always like to give surprises, though its saddening that I usually get none 🙁  I plan surprises well and execute them well too! Earlier, my mom used to be my apprentice in all these kinda tasks. Well, even now, she’s with me, I just close my eyes and think, what would have mom told? And I get an instant answer!

This time around, my partner in crime was my sister, for, she is my mom now and I’m hers!

Check out this video she took 🙂

(See it in Full Screen to get the most of it!)


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