Wayanad is a land of silent tea estates through which the roads snake into to a paradise. It is a land of thick forests, high mountains, rare flora and abundant fauna. Being very close to Karnataka Border, Wayanad makes an easy destination for a short vacation from Bangalore. I have been to Munnar and Thekkady, so I can safely tell that Wayanad is a combination of Munnar+Thekkady minus the crowds.

If you are going on a trip to Wayanad in Kerala soon and wonder what are the sight seeing places and things to do, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! While on your short getaway to Wayanad, which usually will be around 2-4 days, you can choose from the sightseeing places below and visit them according to your taste and liking!

I’ve also put up a map with all these places to see in Wayanad marked so that it is easier for you to find out what tourist attractions are close to your place of stay 🙂

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So, Let’s get rolling!

Tourist Places in Wayanad, Kerala Map:

Places to Visit in Wayanad

1. Chembra Peak

Places to Visit in Wayanad

The heart shaped lake of Chembra peak. Image posted with permission from

If there was a competition for the most romantic spots in India, then Chembra Peak in Wayanad, Kerala would win it hands down. Why not? With all the Tea estates and lush green meadows and hillocks making you feel mushy amidst the sweaty trek up to the Heart shaped Lake on top of the hill!

Yes, the lake is indeed heart shaped. While couples go berserk with selfies with it in the background, stags settle for selfies with a cool breeze for the company! 😀

The trek is slightly on the moderate to difficult level. Get ready for it with these handy tips.

  • Start early, preferably on the first fall of dawn after a light breakfast so that you can come back exhausted for a hefty lunch!
  • The ticket counter closes at 2 PM. This is an attempt to avoid trekking after dusk which is quite dangerous with little or no habitation on the way.
  • Apart from the entry fees, it’s mandatory to hire a guide to (obviously) guide you to the peak. It costs about 750 INR for a group of max 10 people. Meaning – whether you alone or in a group 10, the cost is 750 INR. So, if you are a couple or a small group, it’s wise to club with other groups before approaching the counter.
  • Take lots of water and some light snacks and wear some good shoes perfect for trekking.
  • The trek is approx. 3 km, out of which the initial 1 km is in between tea estate, the later 2 km is a bit moderate to difficult depending on your stamina.
  • The trek takes approx. 4-5 hrs, to and fro.

In order to keep the nature devoid of the plastic clutter from us intelligent species, a novel idea of collecting a deposit depending on the number of plastic bags we carry is collected. This is refunded once we show back the plastic bags we carried. Smart no? Still, if you try to litter around, Modi is gonna haunt you in your dreams. Read this to know why I’m telling this!

Approx. time spent at the location: 4-5 hours

2. Banasura Sagar dam

Well, the as the name says it’s a dam. Ok, but what is so special about it? It’s special because it’s India’s largest and Asia’s second largest Earthen dam. Now what the heck is this Earthen dam? Trust me, I too didn’t know about this until I visited it. But, Google gods are for your help! See about Earthen Dam here. Banasurasagar Dam is definitely a must visit place in Wayanad.

Park your car in the not so huge parking lot (paid parking) and buy the entrance tickets at the counter which is around 5 mins walk from the Car park. And from the ticket counter to the dam is a small walk of around 1 km which includes a steep hike with around more than 100 steps on the stairs. If you are not up for this, then hop onto one of the jeeps near the entrance (Of course, there is a separate charge for this!)

Upon reaching the dam, there is a beautiful promenade lined with trees in between which you can walk with large stretch of water on one side and a nicely done park on another. There is a small pond with swans and ducks in it and there’s a fish spa too! The edge of this path takes you to yet another ticket counter to buy tickets for the speed boat ride, which is a must do in my humble opinion. This speed boat ride is a 20 minute affair that takes you in between the small heaps of islands sprinkled all over the place. It reminded me of the Chocolate hills in Philippines. The end of the ride is a thrilling experience where the driver shows off his driving skills and maneuvers the boat in style. Boy, I loved it!

Some tips:

  • As mentioned, if you can’t climb some steep steps, its better to take the jeep from the entrance till the dam.
  • Speed boats cost 750 INR for 5 people. Again, if you are a couple or a group less than 5 people, then find someone to share the cost as well as the boat! Or if you prefer privacy then hire the entire boat for 750 INR, like we did!
  • If you are going in the summers or in midday – carry hats or umbrella and sunscreen.

Approx. time spent at the location: 2-3 hours

3. Lakkidi View Point

Places to Visit in Wayanad

Lakkidi View Point in Wayanad   PC: Source

Located on the Mysore – Wayanad – Calicut route (NH 212), the Thamarassery Ghat road is a steep serpentine ride through thick forests with sheer drop heights. Just pull up your car in a safe place, stretch your arms and start clicking! The views are breath taking! While you are soaked in the lovely views, there might be a stealthy monkey trying to snatch your camera – Beware of those!

Approx. time spent at the location: 5-10 mins

4. Soochippara Falls

Places to Visit in Wayanad

Soochippara Falls      PC: Source

Soochippara translating from Malayalam to ‘Like a needle’ in English. True to its name, the water falls down like a needle. One of the most visited spots in Wayanad, it is always crowded on a weekend. Going down into the water is allowed here making it even more enticing for one to take a dip. Nestled deep in the forests, it takes some effort to reach the Soochippara falls.

Some tips:

  • There is a small trek of around 1km from the Car park till the waterfall.
  • Out of which 3/4th of the path is a gradual incline downwards and the rest is slippery, sometimes uneven steps that leads to the waterfall
  • Not really recommended for the elder lot as it is easy is go down the stairs to the waterfall while it takes some handsome effort to climb back!
  • If you plan to get into the water, keep one thing in mind –the changing rooms are not near the waterfall but near the entrance. So you will have to climb all the way up and then change into dry clothes.

Approx. time spent at the location: 2-3 hours

5. Edakkal Caves

Places to Visit in Wayanad

Inscriptions inside Edakkal Caves   PC: Source

Get soaked in history at Edakkal Caves which has drawings dating back to Stone Age carved by the early men. Experts say predict that in Edakkal caves has sheltered man at different periods. The paintings or the carvings date back to early 5000BC to the recent Indus Valley Civilisation. The meaning of these carvings are yet to be understood in whole.

Some tips:

  • There are steps to reach the top from where breath taking views welcome you. Almost 1km of steep hike.
  • The hike is steep and uneven at places. Not advisable to elders and others with knee ailments.
  • The difficulty in the trek makes you to expect a lot from the place. Please don’t keep lot of expectations to come back disappointed.
  • Respect the place for its history and appreciate your early ancestors.

Approx. time spent at the location: 2-3 hours


Places to see in Wayanad


Continuing our series of Places to See in Wayanad, below are some places of interest which you might have a look while at Wayanad.

Places to see in Wayanad, Kerala

6. Pookot Lake

Places to see in Wayanad

Pookot Lake  PC: Source

If Boating in the green water surrounded by thick green hills is your thing, then visit Pookot Lake, Wayanad. There is park for kids to play with swings and there is an aquarium too. Water lilies here when fully in bloom is a treat to see. Efforts could be taken to improve the cleanliness of the place.

Some tips:

  • Visit this place on a weekday – crowds on weekends are a big mood spoiler.
  • The lake is not very big compared to the queues on a weekend.
  • If your resort/hotel/homestay is on the way to Pookot Lake then peep into this place, if you like it then spend some time here.
  • Otherwise, there is no need to drive many miles to come here. Visit Banasura Sagar instead.

Approx. time spent at the location: 1- 2 hours

7. Kuruvadweep

Places to see in Wayanad

Kuruvadweep    PC: Source

Imagine sitting on a huge bamboo raft and sailing away to an island filled with dense forests with pure crystal clear water – Welcome to Kuruvadweep in Wayanad. There is a beautiful path with rickety wooden bridge that takes to the mouth of the serene stream where you can relax listening to chirping birds with a whiff of fresh air.

Some tips:

  • The bamboo raft ride is a very short ride.
  • Again, I repeat – weekends may be crazy. Decide your take on this!
  • Kuruvadweep is closed from June to Oct-Nov due to high water levels of Kabini. Get proper info from your hotel/resort/homestay people before you set out to explore Kuruvadweep.

Approx. time spent at the location: 2- 3 hours

8. Meenmutty Falls

Places to see in Wayanad

Meenmutty Falls  PC: Source

Being near to Banasura Sagar dam, you can pay a visit to Meenmutty falls and see if it’s worth your time depending on the flow of water which is quite high in monsoons. But during the monsoons, the path gets quite slippery considering the steep hike on the rocks on the upper part of the falls. While it’s a treat to watch this falls flow down in glory in the monsoons, the water levels in summer is miserable! The initial trek to the falls is in between the greenery and it’s a good feeling to walk in the woods. Isn’t it?

Approx. time spent at the location: 2- 3 hours

9. Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Places to see in Wayanad

Pakshipathalam   PC: Source

Nestled in deep forests of Bramhagiri, a trek to Pakshipatalam in Wayanad is the one that takes you into the real jungle with creeks flowing next you and you walk along listening to the mysterious sounds made by birds and animals. There is a watch tower on which you can climb and get sweeping views of the surroundings. From here you can choose to trek or to go back. If you choose the former then it’ll be an experience like no other!

Some tips:

  • You need to take permission from the Kerala forest department to attempt a trek to Pakshipathalam.
  • You will be assigned a guide who guides you throughout the trek.
  • Wear proper trekking shoes as the landscapes vary from deep jungle to lush meadows in between rivulets.
  • Carry some light lunch to have at the top since there are no shops on the way.
  • Finally, enjoy spotting various species of birds and experience the meaning of getting lost in woods!

Approx. time spent at the location: 7-8 hours

10. Muthanga Forest Reserve

Places to see in Wayanad

It was summer when we visited Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. Bald trees welcoming us!

Sandwiched in between the Nagarahole and Bandipur Forest Reserve, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary or the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rich flora and fauna. There is no need to venture out of your way to reach here. Mathunga Wildlife Sanctuary is on the way from Bangalore to Wayanad. If you do not have time for the safari, don’t worry, you will spot herds of deer, elephants and monkeys while crossing the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. While the safari spotting is sparse here, you can afford to miss it. Go to Bandipur or Nagarahole Safari instead. One sincere request is not to honk while in the Wildlife Sanctuary limits. Also do not unnecessarily stop your car unless it’s you are giving way for an animal to cross. Below is the video of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary on our recent drive to Wayanad from Bangalore.

Take a look at the video where we spotted a cutie in Wayanad Widlife Sanctuary!

Approx. time spent at the location: 1 hour

Places to Visit in Wayanad Map:

P.S: Costs and prices mentioned in these two posts are true as of Dec 2016 and might be subjective to change, in which case don’t even think to sue me! (Wait! Did I just give that idea?)

Been to these places in Wayanad? Give your feedback on these places so other readers can benefit from your comments! 🙂

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