What to do after buying a Super Bike?

There is no big excitement than bringing a new bike home. Isn’t it? After days of research, hours of test drive and taking a hard decision of choosing between your favourites – finally, you park your brand new sparkling motorbike in your garage. You watch it with delight, in an eager anticipation to take it out on a roll! But, wait! There are some things you need to think before going out on a long drive with your new baby!

1. Get a hang of it 

Your new bike’s tactility will definitely be different from the old one. The sharp braking mechanism, the exact acceleration response and the traction on engaging different gears – all these will vary from your previous bike. Make sure to get a subtle hang of it for the first couple of days!

2. Go for a slow and short drive 

Before rushing on a long drive, first embark on a short drive. Choose a trail you know the best – you definitely don’t want surprises to spring up while you are in a testing mode, isn’t it? Initially, be slow – so that you get enough time to understand how the bike responds to every action of yours! The more you ride your bike, the more you will get to know it better! Make sure you are good enough with it to take it on a roll!

3. Safety 

Never compromise with your safety gear. Better the quality of your gear, the safer you are. You have spent a bomb buying your dream bike, then why shy away from investing in your safety gear? So, invest in good quality discount motorcycle helmets, hand gloves, full body suit, riding boots, safety jacket and other necessary accessories.

4. Upgrade 

Though the bike would have come equipped with stock features – there is always that extra something you would want in your bike. Right? Those swanky motorcycle upgrades like  Exhaust systems, Air filters, Quick throttle, Quick shifter, Power commanders, Swingarm Spools/Sliders, Windscreens, Harley Davidson parts and so much more! So, go ahead and decorate your darling!

5. Shakedown that attitude 

Oh Yes! You have finally achieved your dream and have acquired your long-time love! I’m sure your head will be high with a proud feeling of possession. Cool down, Johnny Bravo! Keep your excitement down – be humble and stay rooted. Be in your senses while revving up that accelerator, there are people at home waiting for you to come back home safe and sound. Respect the bike and the bike will respect you!

Pro Tip: If you’d like to pursue biking as a career or be comfortable with your biking behaviour, there are biking schools which help you hone your biking skills. Go Google them!

PC: Khandesh Gowda

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